A walk in wardrobe can add great value to your home, in functionality, design, and the dollar value of your property. You can add the perfect storage space to your home, creating a luxury shoe display, an easy access solution for all your clothing and much more. At AOK Kitchens, we design, manufacture and install custom walk in wardrobes for homes all across Melbourne. If you’ve got big plans for your wardrobe, discuss them with us today and let us help you make them a reality. With years of experience behind us, our expert walk in wardrobe Melbourne team can create a solution that meets your needs for storage, design and budget. Call us now on 0413 345 341 to book a consultation for a free measure and quote.

Why Get a Walk in Wardrobe?

A walk in wardrobe is more than just a statement piece. They’re a smart and convenient storage solution and can make your life a lot easier. Having your clothes in a more open space reduces dust build up, reduces the risk of mould, and can stop your clothes from smelling. It can also give you more space for clothes and keep your bedroom itself clear of mess. At AOK Kitchens we can design and install a wardrobe that meets all your needs, fitting into the space you have available and matching the design of your home. Additionally, all our wardrobes come with a 7-year builder’s guarantee, guaranteeing their quality and longevity.

Measure and Design Service

When you book a consultation with us, we will visit your property and measure the space you have available for a walk-in wardrobe. We’ll create for you a design that is both functional and practical, taking in your needs for storage space and style.

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If you're thinking about getting a walk in wardrobe, why wait around? Our team can measure, plan and give you a free quote, providing you with a clear image of what your home could look like with your very own walk in wardrobe Melbourne. In addition to walk in wardrobes, we also design and manufacture custom build wardrobes and built in wardrobes in Melbourne. Our designers and manufacturers work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction, and provide you with a wardrobe you can be proud of for years to come. Talk to our team today on 0413 345 341 for a free quote and consultation and let us work with you to create the wardrobe you're dreaming of.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Choosing the right walk-in wardrobe for your home requires some careful consideration. Consider the size and shape of your space, as well as how much storage you need. If your budget allows, you may want to consider adding custom elements such as special lighting or mirrors to make the most out of your experience. Walk-in wardrobes in Melbourne come in a range of styles, so it’s important to choose one that will fit your home.

    A walk-in wardrobe is a great way to make the most of your bedroom or dressing room. If you have an abundance of clothing and accessories, a walk-in wardrobe can help keep them organised in one space. Walk-in wardrobes also provide added convenience for those who require more space for their clothes or may be looking to add a touch of luxury to their bedroom.